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Congratulations to our:

2019 (15U) Boys Gold Medal Canadian National Championships - photo above


2019 (14U) Boys Silver Medal Canadian National Championships - photo above

2019 (15U) Girls Bronze Medal Canadian National Championships - photo above

2018 (16U) Girls Silver Medal Canadian National Championships - photo above

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2017 (14U) Girls Canadian Nationals Gold Medal - photo above

2017 (15U) Girls Canadian Nationals Gold Medal - photo above

2016 (15U) Girls Canadian National Silver Medal

2015 (17U) Girls Canadian National Silver Medal - photo above



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  • Beach Volleyball Club, League, Camps, Tournaments  
    Beach Volleyball Club, League, Camps, Tournaments
    Joust Volleyball Club is very excited to offer up year round developmental and enjoyment opportunities for athletes through our partner beach volleyball program Beach 4 Life. Athletes can choose from one of many programming options which includes: Beach 4 Life Age Class Beach Club Age Class Beach League Age Class…
  • Summer & Fall Athlete Development Camps  
    Summer & Fall Athlete Development Camps
    Joust Volleyball Club Athlete Development Camps Joust Volleyball Club offers up a series of summer and fall indoor developmental camps for all age classes (12 - 18 years of age) to choose from. All camps are overseen by Lee J. Montgomery (Head Coach & Director of Operations) with accompanying certified…

Why Do I Pay For Club Volleyball

Why Do I Pay For Club Volleyball?

I pay to assure that the athlete is pushed beyond their perceived limits. I pay coaches to challenge the athlete at every practice and match, that no amount of playing time is guaranteed, and athletes are to be accountable for ones mistakes, that at times these mistakes can be pointed out to the athlete during a time out, game, team meeting, etc.  I pay to place the athlete in pressure situations with consequences in order to achieve. I pay them to push and challenge the athlete to the point where you might want to quit because it is so tough. I pay them to build up and test the athletes confidence (all the while at the same time as a parent/s works on this with their son/daughter off the court). I pay coaches/club to provide an environment which requires discipline, hard work, respect towards coaches, players, parents, spectators, officials, and even more importantly the coaches decisions on and off the court.  I pay them/club to not tolerate from any athlete to another athlete, athlete to parent, parent to parent, and athlete/parent to club/coach any disrespect, talking back, inappropriate gestures (facial, verbal, body language), inappropriate and/or tedious questioning of coaching decisions regarding development/playing time, nor display any sense of entitlement from the athlete or the parent.  I pay them to coach the athlete in volleyball because I understand that the athletes self-assurance on the court transcends to your everyday life. I pay for the athlete to learn how to set goals and chase down dreams. I pay the coaches to help instill a level of self-confidence that you can and will accomplish the goals you set for yourself, but that any establishment of self-confidence, or progression is completely dependent on the athlete's attitude, approach, mindset, and the support from the parents at a distance, rather then in the face of the coach or athlete.  I pay so the athlete has more caring and responsible adults involved in their life. I pay for the days when the athlete arrives at home exhausted from school and they don’t really want to go to practice, strength training, games, but you do it anyway. I pay for the life lessons that losses, frustrations, and disappointment from competition can provide, and that these all provide the athlete far more then winning. I pay for life lessons, victories, and personal/team accomplishments that competition can provide. I pay for these opportunities because I do not have to push or force your son/daughter to play volleyball, rather the athletes desire to play is unequivocally intrinsic.  I pay for a sense of security/peace of mind organized sports provides and occupies an athletes time with over a multitude of other distractions life can present a youth which in turn can potentially take a youth down a negative path, therefor resulting in far more financial and time requirements.  I pay for the club/coaches honest evaluation of the athlete.  That these honest evaluations and acceptance by the athlete and parent/s will far better an athletes development and enjoyment.  That having a coach/club sugar coat an evaluation will only hurt the athlete in the long run.  That denying and/or not accepting a coaches evaluation will only cause tension among the athlete, parent, coaches, club.  I pay understanding that everything entailed in the operation of a club, team, coaches is known best by those individuals, and to leave it at that and not look to interfere/interject with ones personal opinions, criticism, judgements, etc.  That by doing so will only result in negative outcomes, that in the end it is the athlete and their team mates that looses out the most.

I pay for the athlete to have opportunities to take pride in their actions on and off the court. I pay for the athlete to be accountable to others (coaches, teammates, club directors) on and off the court, and to help the athlete understand that the athlete is not the center of the universe. I pay for the opportunity for the athlete to honor their teammates and coaches by always giving their best effort on and off the court. I pay for the athlete to have the leadership opportunities volleyball offers. I pay to provide opportunities for the athlete to help everyone around them improve as a person and teammate. I pay for the athlete to understand that the athlete will forever be surrounded by more talented people and less talented people, and that a true leader has the humility and patience to work with both. I pay for the athlete, my son/daughter, to learn that development/results of any kind no matter how small or big is the accumulation of hours upon hours of practice combined with numerous personal sacrifices, that it does not happen overnight, or even within one season with a club.  I understand that the dollar amount in relation to another program does not translate in receiving more or less, and this does not guarantee my son or daughter a certain level of improvement, playing time, or placing in tournaments.  I pay with the understanding that I the parent will support the coaches/clubs decisions regarding my son/daughters development path, that I will not look to interfere or influence my son/daughters place on the team other then supporting at a distance, ensuring my son/daughter has all other avenues (school, rest/recovery, nutrition, self confidence/reassurance, health, etc) taken care off the court by the parents in order to be best prepared for each and every practice/game.  I pay with the understanding that if I the parent/s look to interfere/intervene, this will greatly effect my son/daughter's position on the team, with the potential to be removed from the team as a result (with no refund).  I pay with the understanding that my son/daughter is not forced to be on the team, and that at any time the athlete can depart if the athlete or parent wishes to do so (with no refund).

No it is not club volleyball that you are paying for, you are paying for the time and conversation with a teenage girl/boy on the way to and from practice/game. You pay for the smiles and sense of purpose that playing club volleyball provides the athlete. You pay to provide lifelong memories from traveling and going to new places with you the parent. You pay for all the new friends your son/daughter makes.  You pay for your son/daughter to experience new cultures, new people, foods, environments, settings, situations (on and off the court), and cities that we experience by playing and traveling to tournaments.  You pay because its clear that volleyball sparks your son/daughters life, passion, and sense of pride, not because it is something you (parent) want your son/daughter doing or is being pushed into doing. You pay for help in guiding the athlete down the right path. You pay because club volleyball reinforces the life lessons about hope, compassion, hard work, respect, and commitment to the athlete and others, that your spouse and you have taught your son/daughter, and continue to model for them.

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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) Page - please be sure to consult our FAQ's page by (clicking here) for Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to the program.

Beach Club - Joust Volleyball Club is pleased to offer year round training options which consist of Youth Beach Club, Youth Camps, Youth Beach League, and Youth Tournaments through Beach 4 Life.  Please click here for more info...

Our Beach Volleyball Program

Joust Volleyball Club is very excited to provide a year around option for any athletes looking to not only continue their development, but take their game to a completely new level  through beach volleyball.  Through our Youth Summer Camps (July - August) & Youth Tour Tournaments, multiple options are available for athletes to choose & benefit from.  Please check out all the details @ www.beach4life.ca


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